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Qualitative research materials are generally available exclusively for scientific re-use in research and academic teaching. The re-use of data sets is free of charge.

To reuse qualitative data sets, please contact the institution holding the data. Here you will also receive further information on the dataset. If you decide to reuse the selected dataset, you must present your scientific qualifications and your interest in using it. After a positive review, you will conclude a contract of use with the data center. This will specify the duration and conditions for data use.

Data services Using data - step by step

Step 1 Contact the data center

You contact the data center that provides the dataset you are interested in and receive further information about it and other datasets that may be of interest to your research interest. You provide evidence of your scientific qualifications and explain your interest in re-using the data.

Qualitative research materials can only be reused for scientific purposes in research and academic teaching.

Step 2 Signing the user agreement

You sign the user agreement for the datasets of your choice and thus agree to the terms of use.

Step 3 Data access

The data center will provide you with access to the data set via secure channels.

Depending on the sensitivity and agreements made with data providers, the data can be used as a Scientific Use File via protected download or can only be used on site at a guest research workstation (tip: plan resources for a research stay if you want to use materials that can only be made available on site at the data center).

At the end of the usage period, delete the data and inform the data center of this. Inform the data center also of any publications produced in the course of using the data.

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