Sharing Data

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Sharing data

The archiving, sharing and reuse of qualitative data is subject to strict data protection, research ethics and data security requirements. The partners in QualidataNet have developed solutions to make even complex, sensitive and extensive data collections available in accordance with the FAIR principles.

Following the motto "as open as possible, as closed as necessary", the research data centers have specialized in topics or data types and differ in their services and the costs incurred for data preparation. The costs for data preparation are usually financed by funding bodies, provided they have been taken into account in the project application. Contact should therefore be made with the archiving partner during the application process for the research project.

QualidataNet offers an overview of the infrastructure landscape and helps with the selection of suitable archiving partners. For reasons of data security, QualidataNet forwards data directly to the archiving partners. Contractual arrangements for the transfer and subsequent use of qualitative data are only made with the selected archiving partners.

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Daten Services Data sharing - step by step

Step 1 Initial contact & consultation

Initial contact & consultation

Contact QualidataNet or a suitable research data center as early as possible - QualidataNet will be happy to support you in your search for potential archiving partners.

You will receive information about the necessary resources and processing work.


Step 2 Cooperative data preparation & data submission

You conclude a data transfer agreement with the selected data center in which you contractually stipulate the conditions for subsequent use, such as special protective measures.

Data centers and data providers cooperate in the preparation of the research materials. The aim is to efficiently integrate data preparation into the research process.

The prepared materials are handed over to the data center. The data centers offer particularly secure channels for this


Step 3 Data curation & release

In the data center, your research data is curated in a particularly secure environment. Technical and organizational details are checked, for example, as well as anonymization or pseudonymization.

Finally, the primary researchers providing the data authorize the curated dataset and the associated metadata is published. The research material itself is not published for reasons of data protection. Researchers get access via contacting the institute, which provides the research materials for research purposes.


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