The search via  Qualidata Network enables you to conduct a comprehensive search in qualitative research data of the network partners. The search portal is currently under construction. The portal's inventory and functions will be gradually expanded.

Find data

The QualidataNet search portal allows for searching the network partners' metadata. The more detailed the data records are described by metadata, the deeper information can be filtered and researched, for example, by topic or method. For data protection and data security reasons, it is not possible to search in the research materials themselves, but data sets can also be identified for your own research question in this way.

The access regulations and also the corridor for the time dimension of availability can vary from research data center to research data center. All research data centers in QualidataNet conclude contracts with secondary users that regulate how the research materials are to be handled. Access to the dataset is only granted once such a user agreement has been concluded.

Once you have found a suitable dataset, you will be forwarded directly to the research data center or archive holding the data. There you will receive further information on the dataset and its use.

The QualidataNet search portal is being continuously developed in terms of content and functionality. Further datasets are gradually being integrated into the search portal.

Data services Find data - Step by step

Step 1 Searching for data

Use a comprehensive search to find data sets from different providers. The search is continuously expanded with data sets.

You will be forwarded directly to the institution holding the data.

No suitable data? Get in touch with us.

Step 2 Contacting Research Data Center

You contact the research data center that provides the dataset and receive further information on the dataset and its re-use.

Step 3 Decision

You decide on the re-use of the data set and conclude a user agreement with the Research Data Center for the selected dataset.

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